DIY Scrap Fabric Kid’s Skirt

DIY Scrap Fabric Kid’s Skirt

Do you have a bunch of scrap fabric sitting around? If so, you have all of the makings of a scrap fabric skirt for kids! If not, no worries. A trip to Dollar Tree will solve that problem. Take a peek below at how we crafted our own scrap fabric kid’s skirt, perfect for your child to romp around in. It is so easy, and no sewing is required.

Take a look!

Here is what you will need:

Assorted scrap fabric. We used two rag rugs found for just $1 each at our local Dollar Tree.
Thick ribbon

That’s it! Who knew you could make a skirt out of just three items?

1. Begin by cutting the fabric into 1-2 inch strips. It may be easiest to make your initial snip and then tear the fabric into strips. Continue doing this until you have about 20-25 strips. You may need more depending on the size of the child.

2. Cut a length of ribbon to fit your child’s waist comfortably. You want to still have enough ribbon left over to be able to tie a bow.

3. Lay the ribbon flat and begin folding the strips of fabric over the ribbon. Tie the fabric in a knot and allow the sides to hang. Continue this process until the length of ribbon is full, with a few inches left for tying.

4. Pick up the length of ribbon and fabric and wrap it around the child. Tie the ribbon into a bow so it is secure.

There you have it! A fun, frugal, and stylish scrap fabric wreath is just at the tip of your fingers. Gather your supplies and see how easy it is to craft your own. Your child is sure to love it, and you are sure to love how simple and inexpensive it is. Happy crafting!

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