Undecided: How to Decide if Family Cloth is Right For You

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Undecided: How to Decide if Family Cloth is Right For You

Your family may be very earth and budget conscious. Perhaps you use reusable water bottles. Maybe your little ones run around in cloth diapers and you wipe the sauce off your hands with cloth napkins. However, maybe the one thing you are not sold on yet is family cloth, or reusable toilet paper.
No matter how earth and budget conscious you want to be, you just can’t get yourself to go all of the way yet. Deciding if family cloth is right for you can be a hard decision, because it is one where you would need to get the whole family on board. If you are undecided, below you will find some ways to decide if family cloth is right for you and your household. By making the switch, you can potentially save hundreds of dollars a year. That savings may just be enough to make you change your mind, but below you will find a little more information to help you be best informed. Take a look!

How to Decide if Family Cloth is Right For You:

1. Consider the number of people in your family.
This is important to consider since the more people you have in your family, the more toilet paper you will use. Especially if you have younger children, since they tend to take way more toilet paper than they need! If you have four or more people in your household, family cloth can offer a huge savings.

2. Think about your laundry habits.
Family cloths will need to be washed in hot water within a few days of use. If you are already doing several loads of laundry a week, it won’t be a big deal to toss a load of family cloths in while you are washing your towels.

3. Consider your comfort.
Many people prefer the feeling of a soft cloth over toilet paper. It does not leave tiny pieces of paper behind in those “hidden places” and gives a nice clean feel. Just try it once and see if the feeling of cloth is more appealing to you than paper.

4. See who is on board.
It may be as simple as polling your family and seeing who is willing to try it. If the majority is, why not give it a go? If there is no one interested, you may need to offer an incentive, such as a special family outing or purchase made from all of the money you will save.

5. Know that it is not all or nothing.
If guests come over, you can still put toilet paper out if you don’t want them to feel
uncomfortable. It does not have to be all or nothing. If your child has friends over or your mother in law is staying with you, you can always offer toilet paper. Your family however can continue to do as they are comfortable with cloth.

6. Think about your bathroom habits.
While maybe not the most pleasant task, think about how much your bathroom is used. If you are a stay at home mom with kids at home, your bathroom gets used more than a couple who works 12 hours a day away without children. If your bathroom is getting heavy traffic, cloth options are ideal for you!

7. Remember, you can always go back.
Why not give yourself a trial period of two weeks to see if family cloth works for you. If not, no worries, You can always go back. But at least you know you gave it a try. Two weeks is a perfect amount of time to see if cloth works for you as far as usage and the laundry schedule. Give it two weeks and see what happens.

So, what are your thoughts on family cloth? Do you think it is something your family would be on board with? Just ask yourself these basic questions and see if a two week trial may be ideal for you. Family cloth can save you money each year as you won’t be running out anymore for toilet paper. Plus, the environment will love you too. Consider family cloth with your family and see what sort of savings you can come up!

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