Sweet Simple Bird Straws

Sweet Simple Bird Straws

Are you planning any spring gatherings or parties? If so, why not add a little whimsy with these sweet and simple bird straws? Perfect for sipping your party punch, these bird straws are easy to make and even easier to enjoy! Using just two supplies, you can create these bird straws in just seconds.
They are the perfect detail to add to your party that won’t cost you a fortune. Take a look at how to make your own!

Supplies needed:
Colorful, striped straws
Peel and stick felt birds
Hot glue, glue gun

We found everything we needed at our local Michael’s craft store. The striped straws come in a variety of colors for just $1 per package. The felt birds can be found for around $2 a bag. With these materials, you can make quite a few straws with plenty of materials left over for other crafting projects. Choose a color scheme that you enjoy and that works for you and your party décor. You are only limited by your

1. Begin by laying your straws flat.

2. Apply some glue about 2 inches down from the top of the straw.

3. Press a peel and stick bird directly to the glue. Press and hold until dry.

Once your birds are dry, display the straws in a fun vase or jar. They will make just as much of a décor statement as they do a practical statement! Guests will be tickled to take a straw and use it. Aren’t these straws so fun and sweet? We sure think so! Gather your supplies and give this easy spring themed craft a try. It is perfect for kids or to even do with girlfriends for a fun night in. Give it a try and see what you can come up with!

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