Spring DIY: Chenille Carrots Tutorial

Spring DIY: Chenille Carrots Tutorial

When creating your spring and Easter décor, why not add some chenille carrots to the mix? These carrots can dress up an Easter basket, Easter Scape, or just add a little spring to your décor.

They are so easy to make, and you can make tons of them for around $1 total. Take a peek below at the fun step by step tutorial so you can get busy crafting your own.

Chenille Carrots Tutorial

Supplies needed:
Orange and green pipe cleaners
Pencil (optional)

Don’t you love when a craft requires only two supplies? I sure do! You can find a package of pipe cleaners at your local dollar store or craft store for just $1, making this a frugal craft you just can’t beat. This also makes this a great craft to do with classroom parties or large groups of children if you wish.

1. Begin by cutting your orange pipe cleaners into 3 inch strips.

2. Cut the green pipe cleaners into 1.5-2 inch strips.

3. Take the orange pipe cleaner sections and twist them around a pencil for some curl. You can also use your finger if you wish.

4. Take the green pipe cleaner and make it into a V shape.

5. Twist the V around the top of one of the orange spirals.

6. Take your finger and adjust the pipe cleaners to perfect their shape.

Your little chenille carrots are now ready to roll! How cute would these look hung on the white Easter trees at the dollar store? Or gathered in a basket? Kids will love making some as will adults, so gather your pipe cleaners and give this easy and super inexpensive craft a try.

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