How Transitioning From Paper to Cloth Can Help You Save Money

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How Transitioning From Paper to Cloth Can Help You Save Money

Have you ever thought about how much your family uses paper on a daily basis? I am not talking just about sheet paper that you use to write on or use in your printer, but other products made of disposable paper products as well. Paper towels, paper napkins, toilet paper, baby wipes, hand wipes, and disposable paper products are all quite convenient and often find their way in to our daily routines.
However, these paper products, being disposable, are not exactly doing any favors to our planet or our pockets. These disposable paper products are not only taking up room in the landfill, but they are quite pricey as you continue to replace them after use. So what is your alternative? Transitioning to cloth of course! Below, you will find out how transitioning from paper to cloth can help you save money.

When using cloth instead of paper, you will find that you won’t be running out to buy more paper products when your supply runs out, you will simply wash your cloth products and use them again. So how much can you save? Take a look and see how easy it is to save money when you opt for cloth instead of paper. This is going to be fun!

5 Ways Transitioning From Paper to Cloth Can Help You Save Money:
1. No more paper towel purchases.
Let’s say you use two rolls of paper towels a week for your cleaning jobs. That roll will cost you around $1.00 each, or $2.00 total. Over the course of 12 months, you have spent $96 on paper towels that you throw away. Replace those paper towels with six cotton towels you purchased at a retail store for $2.00 each. They will not only last you for years, but you have only spent $12.00. You save $84.00!

2. Say goodbye to pricey napkins.
Napkins last you one meal and then you toss them out. What a waste! A package of 100 napkins costs you around $2.00. If you use one for all three meals a day, which is around 10 packages a year, or $20.00 a year, per person in your household. If you have a family of five, you just spent $100.00 a year on your napkins. Instead, you could buy a six pack of cloth napkins for around $5.00. Buy a pack for each family member and your total is around $20.00. You just saved $80.00 by switching from paper napkins to cloth!

3. Bye bye baby and hand wipes.
If you have children, chances are you go through massive amounts of baby wipes and hand wipes. Sure they are convenient, but they can be pricey too. A container of baby wipes is around $2.00 on the low end and will last you around one week. Hand wipes are about the same cost. Over the course of a year your usage will vary, but you could easily spend around $100.00 a year on wipes. Instead, you can make your own using cloth and some simple cleansing ingredients. Making your own will cost you less than $15.00 and can be used over and over. So, you can potentially save as much as $85.00 a year!

4. Say so long to diapers.
This is a great place to start using cloth and save some dough! Everyone knows how pricey paper diapers can be. A package of around 22 diapers is about $10.00. The amount of diapers you go through in a week will vary, but you can easily spend $100.00 every few months on disposable diapers. Instead, you can buy cloth varieties anywhere from $4-$15 each. These will last you from baby to baby unlike your disposables. Your savings will vary, but you can easily save hundreds of dollars a year.

5. Forgo expensive toilet paper when you use family cloth.
This concept is a little foreign to people, but family cloth is essentially reusable toilet paper. Instead of buying paper toilet paper for around $6.00 a 12 pack, you can spend just pennies per piece of cloth. Use the cloth once, put it in a hamper, wash it, and then reuse it. You can easily save hundreds of dollars a year by skipping the toilet paper and using family paper instead.

As you can see, when it comes to transitioning from paper to cloth, there is some serious money to be saved. In this series, we will continue to explore the money saving benefits of using cloth products over paper and hopefully give you some helpful tips on getting started. So keep on reading and found out how easy and frugal it really is to switch from paper to cloth!

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