Easy Owl Organizational Clips

Easy Owl Organizational Clips

Do you love whimsical owls or know someone who does? If so then you must give this easy and inexpensive owl organizational clips a try! This simple craft takes just minutes to make and is so budget friendly. In no time you will have owl clips perfect for keeping your notes and coupons organized.

Take a look below at how with a few supplies you can craft your own set. These would even make a nice gift for a co-worker. Take a look!

Easy Owl Organizational Clips

Supplies needed:
Wooden clothespins
Scrapbook paper
Felt owls
Craft glue

We found all of these supplies at our local Hobby Lobby store. Using sales and our 40% digital or printable coupon, we were able to find scrapbook paper for around .50 cents, a package of owls for less than $2, and clothespins for around $1. This is a great value when you consider you can make MANY clips using these supplies.

1. Begin by cutting strips of paper to fit the clothespins.

2. Lay a strip of glue on the clothespins and press the scrapbook paper to it. Rub your finger over the paper to remove any bubbles.

3. Peel the back of the owl and press it to the clothespin. You can add some additional glue if you are worried about it not staying put.

Once your clothespin is dry, your clip is ready to be used! You can add a magnet to the back if you wish to use it that way, or just use it to hang items on ribbon or string. This is a fun, frugal, and super cute way to stay organized!

Head to your local craft store or Hobby Lobby store and give this easy owl organizational clip project a try. It is one you are sure to love!

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