Dollar Store DIY: Spring Sensory Bin

Dollar Store DIY: Spring Sensory Bin

Children love exploring with their hands, and by doing so can develop and strengthen essential fine motor skills. A sensory bin is a great way to encourage those skills further, so with spring on the horizon, why not create a spring sensory bin? You don’t have to be super crafty, or spend a great deal of cash to do so.
In fact, everything you need can be found at your local dollar store. Take a peek below at how to make your own spring sensory bin for just a few dollars.

Spring Sensory Bin
Supplies needed:
Plastic tote
Dried rice or beans
Paper cupcake cups
Spoons, measuring cups, utensils
Plastic eggs
Silk flowers
Other spring items such as bulbs, garden tool, etc. also work

We were able to find everything you see here at our local dollar store. You can also check your kitchen for materials such as measuring cups, spoons, etc.

1. Begin by pouring the rice into your tote.

2. Add the other objects into the rice.

3. Place the tote on a tablecloth or towel for easy clean up.

4. Allow children to dive into the bin and use the objects to explore. They can practice stirring, pouring, transferring the rice between objects, burying, and whatever else their imagination can come up with. By playing in the sensory bin children not only learn about spring but can practice the motor skills mentioned. This will help develop coordination and strengthen their imaginative play!

Head to your dollar store and grab the materials you need to make your own spring sensory bin. It is a great way to celebrate the arrival spring and provide a fun learning opportunity for your child for less.

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