Dollar Store DIY: Easy Easter Basket

Dollar Store DIY: Easy Easter Basket

Easter is on the horizon, and if you have children at home, you are probably thinking already about Easter baskets. Sure you can order personalized baskets, and pay a pretty penny to do so, but why not try a more frugal option instead?
Head to your local dollar store and gather all the fixings to make your own easy Easter basket, personalized with your child’s own name for less! You don’t need to be super
crafty, and for around $2 you will have a custom basket sure to make them smile. Take a peek below to find out how.

Easy Easter Basket

Supplies needed:
Plastic tote
Peel and stick letters
Fillings (grass, eggs, etc.)

We were able to find a huge selection of plastic bins at our local dollar store. They have a whole range of pastel colors perfect for the Easter season. Peel and stick letters can be found in the craft supply section in a variety of colors and styles.

1. Begin by picking out the letters for your child’s name. Start at the far left of the basket as you want to be sure the entire name fits.

2. Peel and stick the letters to the plastic tote to spell out the name. As you stick the letters on, rub your finger over them firmly to remove any air bubbles. This will also heat the sticker and help it adhere better to the plastic.

3. Once the name is on, feel free to add any other embellishments of your choice. Stickers, glitter, etc. are all great choices.

When you are done, go ahead and fill the basket with Easter grass. Keep it out for instant d├ęcor as the season draws near. When Easter day comes, fill it with all sorts of treats found at your local dollar store such as gum, bubbles, puzzles, crayons, and candy.

Don’t go broke this Easter, give this easy Easter basket craft a try instead. It is sure to please!

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