Dollar DIY: How to Make Vintage Clothing Pattern Peonies

Dollar DIY: How to Make Vintage Clothing Pattern Peonies

Flowers in a vase always had such an elegant appeal. Nothing looks prettier on a buffet or night stand better than a collection of blooms in a glass or pottery vase. However, keeping up this look can be quite expensive. Fresh blooms can be pricey, and using silk blooms that gather dust may not be your cup of tea.
So what is your alternative? If you have an eye for frugal crafts, and love all things handmade and vintage, you will love this DIY project for How to Make Vintage
Clothing Pattern Peonies.

Sure it sounds like a tongue twister, but these faux paper peonies are so charming and sweet! They fill a vase nicely and add some homemade and vintage appeal to your home. The best part? They cost pennies to make! You can’t say that about fresh flowers. These blooms won’t wilt or die on you anytime soon, they don’t need watering, they won’t make your kid’s allergies act up, and they are a simple project you can do in an hour.

Interested? Take a look at how you can make vintage clothing pattern peonies below!
How to Make Vintage Clothing Pattern Peonies:

Supplies needed:
*1 package of paper clothing patterns. An example of these would be something like the Butterick or McCalls patterns popular in the 1940’s-1970’s. Thrift stores and garage sales are great places to pick these up for a song, or you can even snag some on eBay for just a few dollars.
*Florist wire. This can be found at any craft store for under $3.00. If visiting Hobby Lobby, print off your 40% off coupon before you go!
*Decorative vase.

That’s it! Now let’s get crafting!

1. Lay your clothing patterns out in flat sheets, stacking several on top of each other.

2. Cut your paper into 8 by 8 inch squares, or smaller or larger depending on the size blooms you want.

3. Now take yourself back to grade school! Keeping your squares stacked, start folding your squares into a paper fan.

4. Once your fan is made, wrap the end of a piece of florist wire around the center of the pattern paper. You will want to wrap about 1 inch worth of wire. Twist to secure.

5. Now, open up your fan and start to separate each layer.

6. Continue to separate your layers pulling your pattern paper apart, fluffing it as you go.

7. You will see your fluffy peony starting to shape. Shape further as needed.

Once your peony is formed, all you need to do is drop it into a vase of your choice and start a new one! These look best when bunched up in groups of 6-10 blooms.
If you want a more finished look, you can wrap your florist wire in florist tape, which is just a few dollars at local craft stores. Chances are your stems will be hidden in your vase, but this is just another option you may wish to try. You can also add any other accents you want, such as a little sprinkle of glitter to the blooms.
You can easily create these vintage clothing pattern peonies for less than a dollar per piece. Now that is a centsible craft! So gather your supplies and give this fun and frugal craft a try!

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