DIY St. Patrick’s Day Heat Pack

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Heat Pack

What mommy can’t use a soothing heat pack? Sore muscles, headaches, and even upset tummies can be made to feel better with some gentle heat. When you make your own heat pack, you can bring relief for just pennies. You don’t have to be super duper crafty to make your own, and you don’t even need to sew. In fact, a quick trip to the dollar store is all it takes.

Take a look below at how you can make your own St. Patrick’s Day heat pack just in time for the holiday season. It is a fun way to feel better while inviting in some luck of the Irish!

Supplies needed:
Cotton St. Patrick themed socks
Dried rice or beans

We were able to find all three of these items at our local dollar store. For $3, we were able to buy enough to make TWO packs. Now that is value!

1. Begin by taking one sock and filling it ¾ of a way full with rice or beans. The rice or beans should be dry.

2. Pinch the ends of the sock so that the dried goods are now gathered in the center of it.

3. Cut two pieces of ribbon. Use these pieces to tie up the ends of the sock as we did. It will look like a piece of wrapped candy when you are done. Be sure to pull tightly as you tie, as you don’t want any rice slipping into the ends of the heat pack.

To use, simply place the heat pack on a plate and place it in the microwave for 30 seconds to 1 minute. The heat back will become warm and stay warm for up to one hour! These St. Patrick’s Day heat packs would make great teacher’s gifts, or just fun crafts to whip up with the kids. Give it a try and see how easy (and soothing) St. Patrick’s Day crafting can be.

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