Paint Blowing Activity for Kids

Paint Blowing Activity for Kids

Is your child tired of the same old art activities? Why not give them a chance to use all of that hot air they seem to have while creating something cool? This paint blowing activity is a fun way to create something colorful in a way that is frugal and fun. Take a look below at how you can enjoy this paint blowing activity with your kids as they are sure to find it fun and exciting.

Supplies needed:
Construction paper
Water color paint or food coloring

We found everything we needed at our local dollar store. You can do the same and find your supplies for a song. Nothing like an art activity that is just as frugal as it is fun.

1. Begin by taping some construction paper down to the work surface. This will keep it from blowing away.

2. Fill small dishes with water color paints or food coloring mixed with a tiny bit of water.

3. Dab a little paint on the paper. You want it to get dabbed on like a small puddle.

4. Have your child take the straw and place it near the paint. Now comes the fun part. Start blowing!

5. As they blow air into the straw, the paint will move around and spread on the paper into all different directions.

6. Apply as many colors as you wish and continue the process until the painting is done to your liking.

Your paint blowing activity is now complete. Hang your art work high when you are done and really enjoy all of the festive color!

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