How To Plant a Container Garden in 10 Easy Steps

How To Plant a Container Garden in 10 Easy Steps

Some times, a full sized garden is just not going to work for you. It might be that you don’t have a large plot of land, or it might be that you live in a rental house, apartment, or condo. In our case, we just don’t get enough sunlight in our yard. Thick trees cover our landscaping and cast shade all over our yard, leaving just a few small patches of land that get consistent sun during the course of the day. Because we didn’t want to give up gardening entirely, we decided to look into container gardening as an option. Guess what? It works perfectly for us! Using container gardening (which is essentially just a small garden in a pot or other container) we were able to take advantage of the small sun spots in the yard and make our little container garden grow! If this sounds like something that may work for you, take a look at how to plant a container garden
in 10 easy steps!

How To Plant a Container Garden in 10 Easy Steps:

1. Choose your container.
You can find pots in all sizes and varieties at your local gardening center, or get creative an use an old wash tub or crock like we did! The more plants you want to grow, the bigger you will want your pot to be.

2. Pick your plants.
Not all plants are good for container gardening. If looking for vegetables, stick to small tomato varieties or small pepper varieties. You can also do a huge assortment of herbs, and even strawberries if you wish. Flower wise, look for flowers that don’t grow too tall or spread. Marigolds or impatiens are ideal!

3. Consider your location.
You want to place your planter somewhere where it will get at least 6 hours of sun a day. For us, one tiny patch in our front yard was all we had, so our container garden got it! The nice thing is if you find a spot that works better, it is as easy as moving your container.

4. Start planting.
Fill your container with quality soil. Section the container mentally into quarters. You are welcome to mix plants in one pot, for example you can grow some peppers next to impatiens and basil. They can all go into the container together and will be just fine. Dig and plant as you normally would in a garden, allowing for plenty of space and depth. In ours, we did a variety of flowers and mixed in yellow cherry tomatoes.

5. Water as needed.
Be sure your container drains well, and water as needed. Soil should always be damp and moist. If it is not, you risk losing the plant. Be vigilant and water well.

6. Feel free to fertilize.
Even though it is a small garden, it still needs proper nutrition. Add a few tablespoons of Miracle Grow to a gallon of water and feed well every few weeks.

7. Wipe out weeds.
I have noticed that weeds tend to not be a problem with container gardens. You deal with them far and few in between. However, you will still want to comb through your plants and make sure they are free from dangerous weeds.

8. Harvest on time.
Don’t let produce or herbs stay in the container any longer than need be. Once they are ripe go ahead and pick them so there is plenty of room and resources for the other plants.

9. Add a trellis for height.
If you are growing any climbing plants, a very simple and small trellis or stake can help plants grow vertically. This is a nice touch decoratively and a great way to make the most of small space.

10. Prevent pests.
If critters are turning your containers into their own personal salad bars, prop the containers up in wire stands. You can even spray the stands with cooking spray to make them slippery. It will keep them out of your containers and allow your plants to flourish.

See how easy it is to grow your own container garden? You are just ten steps away from making your own a reality. Don’t let a lack of space keep you from enjoying fresh produce, herbs, and flowers, try creating one of your own this weekend!

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