Button Sorting Activity for Kids

Frugal Fine Motor Skills: Button Sorting Activity for Kids

Sorting buttons is a wonderful way for children to develop those fine motor skills. It is a great way for them to work their little fingers, practice sorting by size and color, and just embrace the skill of classification all together. You can create a sorting activity for your own kids at home when you give this button sorting activity for kids a try. Using just a few supplies found at your local dollar store, you can create a game they are sure to enjoy. Take a look.

Supplies needed:
Metal muffin tin
Assorted buttons

That’s it. Two supplies is all you need to make this activity happen. Remember, buttons are small and a choking hazard so this activity should only be done with children who no longer put objects in their mouth.

1. Begin by laying the muffin tin out in front of the child.

2. Pour all of the buttons out onto a flat surface and mix them up well. You want a huge variety of sizes and colors.

3. Have children begin sorting the buttons into the tin cups. In our sample photo the buttons were sorted by color. Children can mimic this or they can sort by shape if they wish. They can also create patterns, practice counting the buttons, and use the buttons in general as a learning manipulative.

See how educational a simple handful of buttons and a muffin tin can be? Give this button sorting activity a try and enjoy learning in a way that is fun and hands on. Your local dollar store has everything you need!

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