Simple Spring Centerpiece

Simple Spring Centerpiece

Now that spring is here, it is time to get your space all spruced up. With just a few supplies from your local craft store (the dollar section no less!) you can make a simple spring centerpiece just like this one.

A centerpiece like this would be perfect for a wedding or baby shower, or any spring gathering you may be hosting. Take a look at how to make your own!

Supplies needed:
White straws
Large floral blooms
Small metal bucket
Filler such as green fabric, Easter grass, or pebbles
Hot glue, glue gun

We found all of these items in the dollar bins at our local Michael’s craft store. Our total cost for this project was just around $4.

1. Begin by applying a generous amount of glue to the end of your white straw.

2. Press the flower (found in the dollar bin in a variety of gorgeous colors!) to the end of the straw. Press until the glue is dry and secure.

3. Fill the bucket (also a dollar bin find) with the filler of your choice.)

4. Press the flower into the filler until it is secure in place. If you are having trouble making it stay in place, add a dab of glue to the tip before pressing in.

Your simple spring centerpiece is now ready to roll. Place it on your party table, desk, or anywhere that you can use some spring charm and color.

Head to your local craft store and start digging in those dollar bins! You are sure to find these supplies and more to create your own centerpiece just like this!

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