Dr. Seuss Yertle the Turtle Craft

Dr. Seuss Yertle the Turtle Craft

Dr. Seuss’s birthday is the perfect time to get crafty and create something with a Seuss theme! This Yertle the Turtle craft is the perfect Seuss themed craft, plus it is easy and inexpensive to enjoy. You only need a handful of common materials, so take a look below and see how you can get busy crafting your own. In no time, you will have your own Yertle the Turtle, perfect for settling down with to hear a great Dr. Seuss story!

Yertle the Turtle Craft

Supplies needed:
Paper plate
Green pipe cleaners
Googly eyes
Green finger paint
Glue or tape

See what an easy supply list this is? Chances are you already have a great deal of these items around your home.

1. Begin by cutting several green pipe cleaners in half. Fold them in a “U” shape.

2. Glue or tape the pipe cleaners to the underside of the paper plate. You will do four all together as they will be the feet of your turtle.

3. Fold another section of pipe cleaner into a “V” shape. This will be your tail. Attach it to the back side of the plate as well, toward the end where the tail would be.

4. Taking one last pipe cleaner, fold it into an oval. This will be the head. Tape or glue it as well to the underside of the plate.

5. Finish the head by adding a pair of googly eyes to the pipe cleaner.

6. You can now decorate the turtle’s shell. Have your child press their fingers in green paint and press them to the plate. The markings should start to come together, resembling a turtle shell.

You now have a fun and frugal Yertle the Turtle! Give this easy peasy Dr. Seuss craft a try and really get into the Seuss spirit!

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