Dollar Tree DIY: No Sew Bottle Gift Bag

Dollar Tree DIY: No Sew Bottle Gift Bag

With the holidays here, you may find yourself invited to an assortment of Christmas parties and gatherings. Being the excellent guest you are, you will probably want to bring a hostel gift along with you.
This season, don’t worry about spending big bucks on impressing the hostess, instead, make your own gifts for less. A simple bottle of sparkling cider (purchased with coupons of course!) paired with this no sew bottle gift bag is the perfect treat! Take a look below at how you can make your own.

No Sew Bottle Gift Bag

Supplies needed:
Cloth place mat (use any of the holiday selections Dollar Tree or your dollar store have for your
to pick from!)
Snowflake ornaments
Hot glue, glue gun

1. Using your glue gun, run a generous line of glue along the edges of the mat. Place the glue on the underside, the side that the design is not on. You want to leave one short side untouched and unglued, as this will be the side your bottle slips in.

2. Fold your place mat in half. Press the edges together so the fabric adheres.

3. Allow some time for your glue to dry. You don’t want to rush it as placing a bottle in your bag too soon can tear the seam.

4. After an hour or so, go ahead and place your bottle inside your no sew bag. Use a length of ribbon to tie the bag around the bottle neck as we did. Curl your ribbon if you wish for some extra flare.

5. Using your hot glue, attach a few of your snowflake embellishments to the fabric. Add a generous dab and press the snowflakes firmly to the fabric until they are adhered.

That’s it! Your gift is now ready for giving. This is a lovely and above all inexpensive way to wrap up your hostess gift, plus, your hostess will be able to reuse the bag if she wishes. Head to your local dollar store and grab all of the fixings to give this fun and frugal DIY project a try!

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