DIY St. Patrick’s Day Scrap Paper Banner

DIY St. Patrick’s Day Scrap Paper Banner

St. Patrick’s Day décor for your home does not need to be complicated or expensive. In fact, by using some of your crafting scraps you can whip up a simple scrap paper banner such as the one below. A scrap paper banner is a great way to use up those scraps that really aren’t good for anything else and may otherwise end up in the trash. So this St. Patrick’s Day season, get your space looking good for less when you give this easy banner a try!

Supplies needed:
2 different patterns of green or St. Patrick’s Day themed scrap book paper

We were able to use scrapbook paper we had leftover from when we made napkin rings. A little really went a long way. You can also opt to use scalloped scissors as we did to give your pennants a little extra flare. The choice is yours. As far as ribbon, check your scrap bin as well or make a quick trip to your local dollar store where they carry a wide selection for just $1.

1. Begin by cutting out 5-7 large triangles. Set them aside.

2. Cut out another set of 5-7 triangles, this time of a smaller size and in a different color or pattern of paper.

3. Using your craft glue, glue the smaller triangles on top of the larger ones.

4. Lay your ribbon out flat. This will make it easy to apply your pennants.

5. Add a dab of glue to the back of each pennant and press it firmly to the ribbon. Press until the glue is dry and you know the piece has adhered well.

Now all you need to do is find somewhere to hang your banner! There are so many options and it is such a great way to add some Irish charm for less.

Gather your supplies and give this St. Patrick’s Day scrap paper banner a try. You are sure to see lots of green while saving yourself some gold.

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