Baby Food Jar Bud Vase

Baby Food Jar Bud Vase

If you are planning a baby shower, wedding shower, or garden party, you will want to give these baby food jar bud vases a try! They are so sweet and simple to make, and they are sure to add a fresh pop of color to your table.
Take a look at how with just a handful of supplies, you can make your own and really dazzle your guests!

Baby Food Jar Bud Vase

Supplies needed:
Glass baby food jars
Spray paint
Rick rack
Craft glue

We had friends save baby food jars for us, so as you can see this is a great way to reuse these items. Rick rack can be found right now in the dollar section at your local Target store. You can also use ribbon if you wish.

1. Begin by cleaning out the jar well and letting it dry. You do not want it to be wet at all when you begin painting it.

2. Apply to coats of spray paint to the inside of the jar. You want to allow the paint to dry in between coats. For extra bold color, add a coat to the outside of the jar as well.

3. Once the jar is totally dry, add your rick rack. Simple cut a length and wrap it around the jar. Secure it in place with glue.

4. Fill your jar with water and add a few stems to it. You only need a few blooms to really make it all come together.

Set these baby food jar bud vases out in groups or allow them to stand out on their own. They are a great way to add color to your table for less!

Gather your supplies and give these bud vases a try!

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