10 Ways to Score Garden Freebies

10 Ways to Score Garden Freebies

If you are planting a garden this growing season, you probably have spent hours perusing the aisles of your local gardening center. Don’t you just wish you could buy it all? But the reality is, gardening can be quite expensive if you are not careful. The cost of plants, mulch, pest repellants, d├ęcor, fencing, and more can all cost you big bucks, which then defeats the purpose of planning a garden out of necessity. So what does a gardener do? Luckily, you don’t have to consider not planting a garden this year. Instead, why not seek out garden freebies? This time of year they are everywhere, you just need to know where to look for them. Below, we have done the leg work for you (save your legs for pulling weeds!) and found 10 ways to score garden freebies. These methods are easy, and best of all, free!

Want to create a garden for less? Take a look at these fun and frugal ways to score garden freebies. You will want to get started right away.

10 Ways to Score Garden Freebies:
1. Sign up with Gardens Alive
Go to Gardens Alive and sign up for their gardening catalog. All catalogs comes with a $25.00 off $50.00 coupon, allowing you to score some free products! Choose from seeds, fresh plants, tools, and more. Your catalog ships quick and you will be spending your free $25.00 in no time!

2. Join the Home Depot Gardening Club
Visit Home Depot in store or online and get signed up for their garden club. Not only is it free, but gardeners will get free tips and tricks sent to their inbox as well as an assortment of high value coupons. Included in these coupons is a $5.00 off your purchase, allowing you to score some free plants.

3. Scope out Craigslist offerings.
Many gardeners need to thin out their plants, but don’t have the time or energy. And so, they offer up their yard and free plants to anyone who is willing to come and dig for them. Take advantage of this. Grab your shovel and go to dig up some free plants!
4. Look for local plant swaps.

Chances are there is a plant swap being held in your area. What do you have to offer? Even a few bulbs, some sprouting of an out of control mint plant, or some thinned out lilies can be swapped out for new and free plants. Check your paper for meeting dates and time.

5. Use seeds from your kitchen produce.
You can save your pepper seeds, tomato seeds, and more for your garden and they will grow just fine. Before discarding your produce scraps, save the seeds and plant away!

6. See what your city offers.
Many cities offer free seedlings and mulch to their city residents. You just need to go and haul it yourself. Call your city offices and see what freebies they might be offering this growing season. You never know what may be available to you for free.

7. Ask for the misfits.
Every nursery has them, misfit plants they can’t sell. Swing in and ask your local gardening center if there are any plants not faring well. Perhaps they will toss them into your order for free. Take them home and just give them plenty of water, fertilizer, and sunshine and they will perk up.

8. Scope out garage sales.
Many times, folks holding garage sales will have thinned out plants sitting out for the taking. Often times this freebie is mentioned in the sale ad. Scope out garage sale ads and see if anyone is going to be offering garden plants. Then, get there early!

9. Plant for the needy.
Visit the Ed Hume Plant for the Hungry website where you can request free gardening seeds. You just have to promise to plant one row of seeds for the hungry. You can visit their site to get your seeds and learn more.

10. Visit Freecycle
Check out the Freecycle organization to see if anyone is getting rid of plants or seeds. This time of year forums are usually flooded. Go to Freecycle to see if any giveaways are being offered in your area.

Did you ever think there were so many ways to score freebies for your garden before? Well now you know that there are, and you know exactly where to find them. There is still plenty of time to get in on these freebies and enjoy your fun and frugal garden for the months to come.

Now, go get growing!

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