DIY: Kisses in a Jar Crafts for Kids

DIY Kisses in a Jar Crafts for Kids

Finding unique and frugal Valentine’s Day crafts for kids can be tricky, with the same ideas done over and over. This Valentine’s Day craft however is a fun one that the kids as well as your budget will enjoy.

Using just a few basic supplies, you can create this Kisses in a Jar craft for kids in just minutes. Gift this jar to family or friends who live near or far, so that when they need a little kiss all they need to do is open it and feel the love. Take a look below at how simple it is for you and your children to make one of your own.

DIY Kisses in a Jar Crafts for Kids

Supplies needed:
Canning jar with lid
Piece of scrap fabric or cupcake cup
Chalkboard label

We were able to find canning jars at our local dollar store for just $1. Check your home for a simple piece of scrap fabric or a paper cupcake cup like we used. Chalkboard labels can be found at most craft stores for just a few dollars, so buy a sheet and have plenty for this craft as well as future ideas!

1. Begin by taking a plain canning jar. Have your children blow kisses into the jar.

2. Put the round cover in quickly before any kisses have the chance to escape.

3. Lay the piece of scrap fabric or cupcake cup over the lid. Tighten the second lid piece over the jar. Gently pull the fabric or cupcake cup downward so it creates a little frill trim around the jar.

4. Place the chalkboard label on the jar. You typically just need to peel and stick.

5. Using a simple piece of chalk, write something such as “kisses” or “Kisses for Grandma” on the jar.

You can personalize it however you choose.
Your jar is now all ready for gift giving! Kisses in a jar are a fun and super frugal way to get into the Valentine’s Day spirit. So gather your supplies and give this simple craft a try.

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