Items to Grab on Amazon That Will Help You on Your Weight Loss Journey

Items to Grab on Amazon That Will Help You on Your Weight Loss Journey 

If you are following the new Weight Watchers Freestyle Plan, there are some other products on Amazon that you can grab to help you on your journey! Sticking within your points and drinking enough water each day is a very important factor in your journey with Weight Watchers. If you are unable to get to the gym, you can also grab some awesome exercise options for home from this list!

Magnetic Menu Board

Weight Watchers Scales

Weight Watchers: Yoga Starter Kit

Weight Watchers: 15-Minute Boot Camp Series

Weight Watchers Freestyle H2O On The Go Bottle

Weight Watchers: 10-Minute Belly, Butt & Thigh Tone Ups

Weight Watchers: Punch! 3 Complete Workouts

Weight Watchers: 7 Day Tone & Burn

Weight Watchers: Ultimate Dance Party Kit

Weight Watchers Tea Tumbler

You can also grab Weight Watchers Snacks such as chips, sweets, oatmeal, smoothies, cookies, and more!

There are a few other things in general that might make your Weight Watchers Journey a little easier. If you work out of the house, you might want to grab a lunchbox. Having a water bottle or water container is helpful in getting in your recommended water amount each day.

Here are a few other items to help you on your journey:

Lunch Boxes

Water Bottles 

Water Containers

3 Section Meal Prep Containers

4 Section Meal Prep Containers

Other Highly Loved Products:

PB2 & PB2 Chocolate

Sugar Free Jello Mix

Trader Joe's Everything But the Bagel Spice for the 2 Ingredient Dough Bagels for Weight Watchers! 

Bagel Pan

Air Fryer

Instant Pot  

Weight Watchers Smart Points for Girl Scout Cookies

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Need a positive and supportive Weight Watchers Online group? Join Us at Weight Watchers Freestyle SmartPoints Success on Facebook! 

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