DIY: Game Day Bunting Banner

Dollar Store DIY: Game Day Bunting Banner

In just a few weeks the “big game” will be on, and everyone will gather around their televisions to watch two football teams battle it out, not to mention all of the great commercials! If you are having friends or family over for the big game, you may be looking for some frugal game day décor. This year, look no further than you local dollar store. For just $2, we were able to create the game day bunting banner you see below! Want to know how to make one? Take a look.

Game Day Bunting Banner

Supplies needed:
Football themed napkins
Glue or tape
Brown ribbon
As mentioned, we were able to get a huge pack of football themed napkins and ribbon at our local dollar
store. We only used a few of the napkins, leaving us plenty of extras to use on game day should we need

1. Begin by folding your football themed napkins in half. You want to fold them cross wise so that the final shape resembles a triangle. Repeat this process until you have 5-7 pieces.

2. Fold the napkins over your ribbon. We chose not to leave much space in between each napkin but you can do what looks good for you. If you want a few inches in between each, go for it.

3. Use a dab of glue or small piece of tape to attach the points of the napkin together. If you don’t, they will fall off the ribbon. Instead, attach the two folds so that the napkin is unable to fall off the ribbon.

Now all you need to do is display your DIY game day banner! Hang it across your snack table, from your entryway, or even over a fireplace mantel. It is sure to look festive and get everyone in the game day

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